15 Songs That Can Help You Relax During the Holidays

lyricsChronic stress is one of the biggest health challenges we face in the industrialized, high-tech modern world. In terms of stress management, putting some time into planning your life according to what’s important for you and avoiding unnesseccary “noise” is of course high up on the list of things to do. For many, including myself, listening to music can also be great way to shut off and relax…

Regardless of whether you look at Christmas as the best holiday of the year or the most stressful and tiring one, the holidays are for many synonymous with time off work and relaxation in between gift wrapping and food preparation. Here are some great songs that can help you shut down and take the edge off. Mostly “gentle pop” and chill-out music for this list; no christmas carols if that was what you came for. Merry Christmas!

Tides by Daniel Licht

My favorite song from the TV show Dexter. Check out the rest of Daniel Licht’s songs on soundcloud if you like those types of tunes.

Looking Too Closely by Fink

Flown Away by Lene Marlin

Great Norwegian artist worth checking out.

I Hope by Rebecca Ferguson

Wild Eyes by Broiler

Two Norwegian DJ’s. Not that big of a fan, but really enjoy this one and “For You”.

Idyll by Postgirobygget

Old song from a Norwegian band.

Gimme Shelter by Rolling Stones

Old classic…

Young Blood by The Naked And Famous

Glitter & Gold by Rebecca Ferguson

Fiction by The XX

Uitzicht by Bakermat

Really enjoy the feel of this song. Sets in at about 1:30.

Pstereo by Emilie Nicholas

Assassin by John Mayer

Firestone by Kygo and Conrad

Night Moves by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band


  1. Nice choices! Thank you for the playlist; they will make a nice addition to my iPod. Idyll was blocked by the US (apparently) for copyright issues so I didn’t get to listen to that one but I enjoyed the rest of them. They were all new to me except for of course the Stones, Bob Seger and John Meyer (but I can’t see myself ever enjoying JM’s music — i know — I’m in the minority group for that one!).

    • I can relate to what you say about JM actually. I really only enjoy Assassin and Heartbreak Warfare 🙂 If you search for Idyll on youtube there are probbaly more versions out there that are not blocked in the US.

      Happy Holidays!

  2. Ha; wonder what it is about JM that just doesn’t float our boats 🙂 Good idea about a search for Idyll. Thank you, and happy holidays to you and yours as well!

  3. That’s a great relaxing list and one of my favorites is “I Hope” by Rebecca.

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