Species-Appropriate Nutrition + Microbiome Restoration = A General Approach to Preventing and Treating Disease

In my recent article entitled Mainstream Medicine Overlooks the Two Major Causes of Chronic Illness I made the case that dysbiosis and chronic low-grade inflammation are at the root of a long list of diseases and health problems. In support of that statement, I cited a diverse selection of scientific papers that have been published […]

How Antibiotics Have Changed Our World

Antibiotics are by many considered to be one of man’s greatest creations. The people who hold this belief are typically the same ones who praise modern medicine and are of the opinion that the development of the arsenal of pharmaceutical drugs that today’s physicians have at their disposal represents the pinnacle of human achievement. What […]

The Beautiful People on the Island of Kitava

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Staffan Lindeberg these past 6 months. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person (I only had some brief e-mail exchanges with him); however, I do feel he “touched me” nonetheless. I feel like I got to now him through his scientific work, which I’m very […]

The Evidence the «Saturated Fat is Harmless» Crowd Overlooks

I’ve talked a lot about saturated fat here on the site. That’s not by coincidence. I’m very concerned about the fact that the notion that saturated fat is harmless has gained foothold within the nutritional community. More and more people seem to be adopting the mindset that it’s perfectly safe to consume large quantities of […]

The Paleo Diet: Were the Founding Fathers Right All Along?

I consider Loren Cordain, Boyd Eaton, and Staffan Lindeberg to be the founding fathers of the Paleo diet movement. They pioneered the research on Paleolithic nutrition and were largely responsible for building the foundation upon which the evolutionary health movement arose. This foundation is solidly built. It was built brick by brick under the supervision […]

Cooling Inflammation: A Great Blog That Can Help You Improve Your Health

The internet is a minefield. Unless you’re careful about where you place your feet, you may quickly find yourself surrounded by mines in the form of bad diet and lifestyle advice and non-scientific information about health and medicine. These mines will not kill you if you come into contact with them – at least not […]

I Just Finished a 40-Hour Fast. Here’s My Experience…

I’ve talked quite a bit about Intermittent Fasting (IF) here on the site. Not so long ago I put up a post in which I made the case that periodic fasting was a natural part of our primal forebears’ lifestyle, and that it’s only very recently that it became normal for humans to consume 3-4 […]

Why Your Body Acts Up When You Get Sick

All organisms that are present on this planet are a part of an evolutionary arms race. Throughout evolutionary time, organisms have evolved various apparatus and tools that help them cope with dangers and effectively compete with competitors for limited resources. Humans are no different from other life forms in this respect. Natural selection has equipped […]

What the Duration of Your Sleep Can Tell You About Your Immune System

How many hours of sleep did you get last night? You probably don’t realise it, but your answer to that question could potentially tell you a lot about what’s going on inside your body. It’s well known that people who are very physically active typically need more sleep than sedentary people, seeing as their bodily […]

8 Things Kids Should Learn More About in School

In some of my recent articles here on the site I’ve made the case that our educational system doesn’t live up to its reputation. I’ve said that there are many big black holes in the curricula of study programs in nutrition, medicine, and many other health-related subjects and that kids don’t get to learn about […]


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