Salt: Friend or Foe?

The health effects of salt consumption is one of the most contentious topics in nutrition at the moment. Whereas some nutritionists and other health professionals argue that salt is our friend, others make the case that we would be wise to limit our intake of this white substance. Personally, I fall into the latter category. […]

“What the Health”: A Non-Scientific Documentary That Can Cause You Harm

The new documentary What the Health, which is currently streaming on Netflix, is spreading more rapidly than the fire that erupted as Bronn’s burning arrow ignited the Lannisters’ wildfire during the battle at Blackwater Bay. It acts like a very active microbe that’s rapidly multiplying and imbedding itself into the bodies of large numbers of […]

10 Common Misunderstandings About Evolutionary Nutrition

There are many untruths and myths about the Paleolithic diet and evolutionary nutrition circulating on the internet and among the general public. In today’s article I thought I’d take a look at 10 of the most common misunderstandings people have about evolutionary nutrition, with the purpose of debunking some myths and setting the record straight. […]

A Simple Tip That Can Help You Diversify Your Microbiome

The human microbiome is shrinking (1, 2). It has been for quite a while (1, 2, 3, 4). Not only have we, via our modern diet and lifestyle behaviours, altered the configuration of our microbiotas, but we’ve also caused a loss of biodiversity from the human superorganism. These changes have contributed greatly to fueling the […]

The Main Problem With the Official Dietary Guidelines

In several developed nations, including Australia and the U.S., government-funded agencies design and issue dietary guidelines for the public. These guidelines differ somewhat from country to country; however, there’s a lot of overlap with respect to the general recommendations regarding macronutrient distribution and food selection. Not everyone obediently follows the guidelines (many don’t); however, we’re […]

The Real Food Pyramid: What We’re Designed to Eat

The food pyramid that was created on the basis of official dietary guidelines designed by government-funded agencies is not scientifically robust. It consists of many foods that we humans are not designed to eat. These foods, which are known to harm our health in various ways, are not a part of the Real Food Pyramid, […]

Why You Shouldn’t Trust What “the Latest Research” Says About the Health Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Yesterday, as I was standing in line at my local grocery store, waiting to pay for some fruits and veggies, my gaze unconsciously fell upon the headlines on the front page of yesterday’s newspapers, which were conveniently placed directly beside the counter of the store. One of the headlines in particular grabbed my attention. It […]

The Original/Scientific Version of the Paleo Diet

The evolutionary health movement has grown tremendously lately. It’s no longer just a few scientists here and there who’ve acknowledged that we can learn a lot about diet and health from our ancient ancestors. A lot of people have. Over the most recent decade, Paleo – the word that people most closely associate with everything […]

‘The Rock’ Says Carbs Are Your Friend. I Largely Disagree

The famous movie star and former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson seems like a great, genuine guy. I like him a lot. I don’t agree with everything he says about diet and health though. The Rock is a really hard-working (both in and out of the gym), determined, strong, and muscular guy. I don’t doubt […]

The Fallacy of the Probiotic Concept

The world is a big and complex place. Numerous different substances and life forms make up the system that we call Earth. Our planet is so vast that we have a hard time wrapping our heads around it and understanding how all of its constituents hang together. In order to make things easier for ourselves, […]


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