The Fallacy of the Probiotic Concept

The world is a big and complex place. Numerous different substances and life forms make up the system that we call Earth. Our planet is so vast that we have a hard time wrapping our heads around it and understanding how all of its constituents hang together. In order to make things easier for ourselves, […]

Ask Eirik: What Types of Medicines Can Help Restore the Health of Homo Sapiens?

Quite recently, I was contacted by a person who was thinking about investing in companies that seek to develop wellness products that could one day be used to treat human disease. He was interested to know what types of products that I believed would bring the most benefit to the greatest number of people. In […]

Why You Should Think Twice Before Using Probiotics

I’ve talked a lot about probiotics here on the site in the past. In my earlier articles on this topic (e.g., here, here), I’ve made the case that many probiotic products likely do more harm than good. In today’s article, I’m not going to take another in-depth look at the pros and cons of probiotic […]

Stop Bombarding Your Gut With Probiotics

One of the biggest diet mistakes I’ve ever made was to take in large quantities of probiotics (in the form of fermented foods and supplements) on a daily basis. This behaviour harmed my microbiome and undermined my health. Unlike what a lot of people seem to believe, probiotics – microorganisms that are believed to provide […]

Biome Reconstitution: What Mark Zuckerberg Should be Investing In

In my previous article here at I took a critical look at Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to cure all diseases. I made the case that pumping billions of dollars into the development of new drugs and advanced medical technology is not the way to combat the chronic diseases of civilization. Health disorders such as obesity, […]

The Best Probiotic Supplement on the Market

Most probiotic supplements are useless. Many may actually do more harm than good. That said, there are some probiotics out there that are worth buying. For the longest time I’ve been looking for a good probiotic that I can recommend to clients and the readers of, as well as use to improve my own […]

Diversify Your Microbiome With Fermented Vegetables

Fermented vegetables could change your life. Sauerkraut, kimchi, and other similar food products contain many different types of bacteria, including the probiotics Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus brevis. Many, if not most, of the microscopic organisms found in fermented vegetables are not able to live and grow in the human gut; hence, they pass through you […]

How Probiotics Could Damage Your Microbiome

Not so long ago I published a post entitled “Probiotic Supplements: Are They Doing You More Harm Than Good?” here on the blog. In that article I made the case that many, if not most, probiotic supplements likely do more harm than good. This notion goes against conventional wisdom in this area, which says that […]

Why You Can’t Drug the Microbiome Into Compliance

We humans are always looking for quick and simple solutions to our problems. When we have the choice between a comfortable path, which is flat and easy to travel, and a path that is steeper and harder to travel, but that eventually gets us to a higher point than the comfortable one, we usually choose […]

12 Evidence-Based Steps to a Healthier Microbiome

The trillions of microorganisms that live in and on your body have a profound impact on your mood, behaviour, and overall health. By taking better care of your microbiome, you can dramatically reduce your risk of chronic disease, boost your brain function, and slow down age-related physical and mental decline. Few, if any, people in […]


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