4 Key Questions for Understanding the Obesity Epidemic

In my last post here at OrganicFitness.com I talked about the pyramid model and how important it is to build a solid foundation to support our ideas, thoughts, and conclusions upon. I discussed how this pyramid concept can be used to critically analyze study results, media reports, conventional wisdom, etc. and how evolution, history, science, […]

How Being Overweight Can Make You Fatigued and Inactive

It’s well established that exercise is important in the prevention of obesity, type-2 diabetes, and other disorders characterized by metabolic disturbances. Also, since people who are overweight on average are less active than lean people, it’s often assumed that the relationship between physical activity levels and body mass index goes in one direction, in the […]

Protein: The Most Important Macronutrient For Weight Loss?

The obesity epidemic has quickly become one of the greatest health crises humans have ever faced, and billions of dollars are spent each year on research, supplements, and pharmaceuticals aimed at preventing and treating metabolic disorders. About two-thirds of the american population are now overweight or obese, and other affluent nations are not far behind. […]

Evidence-Based Guide to Weight Loss

I’ve now written extensively on overweight, obesity and metabolic syndrome from several different angles and thought it was time to summarize some of the most important information on these topics. In the previous post I pointed out the shortcomings of conventional weight loss advice and how the mantra to “eat less and move more” could […]

Why the Traditional Approach to Weight Loss Comes Up Short

During the last couple of years I’ve coached dozens of clients whose primary goal is to lose weight. I’ve also delved into the scientific literature on body fat regulation and written extensively on the topic. If there’s one thing this process has taught me, it’s that the general recommendation to restrict energy consumption and exercise […]

Why Eating Less and Exercising More Doesn’t Always Work for Long-Term Weight Loss

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the numerous studies investigating the effects of calorie restriction and exercise on weight loss, it’s that people usually creep up towards their original body weight when they start eating to satiety again or ease up on their training regime. Despite these poor long-term results, the notion that we […]

Do Carbohydrates Make You Fat?

“To learn about health, one must study health” – Albert Einstein There are few topics in the health and fitness community that are as controversial as carbohydrate consumption. While low-carb dieters sometimes claim that a high carbohydrate intake drives insulin resistance, weight gain and obesity, dietitians and proponents of low-fat diets on the other end […]

Food Reward: Highly-palatable, Processed Food Drives the Obesity Epidemic

This last week I’ve been immersed in the scientific literature on homeostatic regulation of body fat. As I’ve previously mentioned multiple times on the blog, hunter-gatherers and non-westernized populations are lean and healthy even when they have access to an abundance of food and engage in a minimal amount of physical activity. This suggests that […]

Is the Obesity Epidemic in the U.S. Partly Driven by Chronic Exposures to Low-Residue Antibiotics in the Food Chain?

I’ve previously written about how dysbiosis can lead to insulin resistance, weight gain, and obesity. While I’ve focused on the detrimental effects of the increased use of antibiotics in humans, the fact is that around 80% of the antibiotics consumed in the U.S. goes to farm animals (1). Drugs aren’t only given to livestock to […]

We Are 90% Microbe and 10% Human: Can We Lose Weight by Boosting Good Bacteria with Probiotics and Prebiotics?

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self” – Albert Einstein For years, the view of self has been restricted to our own human, eukaryotic cells, but recent research into the microbes that live in and on our bodies is dramatically […]


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