Have You Eaten Enough Bacteria Today?

Did you get a lot of beneficial bacteria through your diet today? If you’re like most people living in industrialized societies, the answer is no. So much of the food we eat today have been cleaned, pasteurized, or processed in such a way that little bacteria remain. A lot of people will tell you that […]

Paleo-Deficit Disorder: How a Deficiency of Ancestral Influences is Making Us Sick

I rarely put up short posts on this blog, as I generally like to pick a topic and do a fairly comprehensive article on that subject before I move on. However, sometimes I come across a research paper, article, or video that is so good that it deserves a post of its own. The recently […]

How Fermented Vegetables Can Help You Take Back Your Health

All too often I come across articles that exaggerate the potential health benefits of specific foods. For example, if you do a google search on the impact of garlic on human health, you could quickly be led to believe that this bulbous plant can cure everything from cancer to heart disease. As you know if […]

Two Good Probiotic Supplements That Can Improve Your Gut Health

Adequate microbial exposure is an essential component of an Organic Fitness Regimen. Rapid and powerful changes to human living conditions beginning with the Agricultural Revolution set the stage for a loss of “old microbial friends” and perturbations of the human microbiome. In westernized nations today it’s unlikely that even those people we consider to be […]


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