Stop Bombarding Your Gut With Probiotics

One of the biggest diet mistakes I’ve ever made was to take in large quantities of probiotics (in the form of fermented foods and supplements) on a daily basis. This behaviour harmed my microbiome and undermined my health. Unlike what a lot of people seem to believe, probiotics – microorganisms that are believed to provide […]

Your Skin Microbiome is Under Attack

The human gut microbiome has received a lot of attention lately. These days, news articles and studies on probiotics, prebiotics, gut bacteria, and other similar topics are published all the time. Scientists, bloggers, and journalists have also started paying attention to microbial communities associated with other organs, such as the skin, lungs, and vagina; however, […]

Research Roundup: 20 New and Interesting Articles on the Human Microbiome

I’ve read many scientific articles lately. Some were good and interesting, others were not. In today’s blog post I’ve collected the ones that I found most intriguing, so that you get to read them too. All of the papers are about the human microbiome, which is the main topic of today’s research roundup. Some of […]

10 Things You Should Know About the Link Between Gut Bacteria and Obesity

I’ve been thinking a lot about the microbiome’s involvement in the pathogenesis of obesity lately. A couple of years ago, I wrote a lengthy paper in which I took an in-depth look at the scientific research pertaining to the link between gut microbes and body fat regulation. Back then, I was convinced that microorganisms play […]

The Best Probiotic Supplement on the Market

Most probiotic supplements are useless. Many may actually do more harm than good. That said, there are some probiotics out there that are worth buying. For the longest time I’ve been looking for a good probiotic that I can recommend to clients and the readers of, as well as use to improve my own […]

Diversify Your Microbiome With Fermented Vegetables

Fermented vegetables could change your life. Sauerkraut, kimchi, and other similar food products contain many different types of bacteria, including the probiotics Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus brevis. Many, if not most, of the microscopic organisms found in fermented vegetables are not able to live and grow in the human gut; hence, they pass through you […]

Is Your Low-Carb Diet Wreaking Havoc on Your Gut Microbiome?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with low-carbohydrate diets. A well-designed, low-carbohydrate diet can provide your body with all the raw materials it needs to function optimally and help you build a strong, robust physique. Not all low-carbohydrate diets are equally healthy though. A poorly constructed, low-carbohydrate diet can wreak havoc on your hormone levels, immune system, […]

Diet and Microbiota: The Two Most Important Determinants of Your Health

What does it take to be healthy? If you ask a dozen people on the street this question, the majority of the ones you ask will probably say that adequate physical activity, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep are the keys to achieving good health. Some may also mention that it’s important to prioritize stress […]

The Latest Research on the Human Microbiome

Have you kept up-to-date with the latest research on the human microbiome? If not, here’s your chance to catch up. As always, I’ve picked out a selection of scientific papers and articles that I found interesting and think the readers of will enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section if […]

Genome-Microbiome Mismatch: A Root Cause of the Diseases of Civilization

The evolutionary discordance model states that many of the chronic diseases and health disorders that plague us today are caused by a mismatch between our current environment, which differs substantially from ancestral  environments, and the human genome, which is built up of genes that were selected in past environments. This model is extremely useful, in […]


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