Are You a Truth-Seeker?

Few humans are truth-seekers. Instead of actively seeking truths, the vast majority of the human population simply let societal trends, conventional wisdom, authoritative figures, and the mass media shape and to some extent control their behavior, opinions, and beliefs. This is worrying, seeing as it significantly impedes human progress and has widespread, negative implications for […]

Pete Evans Joins Forces With Darwinian Medicine

Quite recently I put up an article here on the site in which I voiced my support for the work the Australian chef, TV personality, and health/nutrition¬†aficionado Pete Evans is doing. A lot of criticism has been thrown Pete’s way lately, much of it originating from the Dietitians Association of¬†Australia (ADA), journalists, and the medical […]

The Beautiful People on the Island of Kitava

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Staffan Lindeberg these past 6 months. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person (I only had some brief e-mail exchanges with him); however, I do feel he “touched me” nonetheless. I feel like I got to now him through his scientific work, which I’m very […]

The Makeup of Modern Society

My perspective on the world has changed a lot over the past decade. When I was younger, I, like most people, believed that the human-produced infrastructures and systems that make up our modern society are nicely designed and solidly built. I had a lot of faith in mainstream medicine, accepted the worldview that was presented […]

Have You Read All of My Articles for

As my regular readers know; besides blogging here at, I’m also a contributing writer for Bret Contreras, Paleo Magazine, and The Personal Trainer Development Center. I’ve now been a regular contributor to Bret’s blog for a little over a year, and during this time I’ve published 14 articles in which I take a fairly […]

Who’s Reading?

Hi! As you probably know, my name is Eirik, and I’m the blogger here at Organic Fitness. I’ve written a lot about me and my background on this site. Now I’d like to hear more about you. Perhaps you recently stumbled upon after scovering the internet for information on health & fitness, or maybe […]


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