How to Build a Great Butt

About 60-70% of the clients I’ve trained over the years are women. One of the things pretty much all of these female clients have in common is that they want a lean and curvy physique, and they want to prioritize glute training. Also, while most of the male clients I’ve trained emphasise upper body training, […]

Should You Train to Get Stronger, or Should You Chase the Pump?

After reading Will Vatcher’s excellent article for a couple of months ago, I started thinking more about the importance of finding the right balance between variation and specificity. Also, I found myself drifting back to one of the key questions lifters face: Should you primarily train to get stronger, or should you do a […]

Sorry to Disappoint, but Muscles Don’t Get “Confused”

Most lifters typically start out with a 3-5 split training program where each muscle group is trained once per week. For example, Monday is chest and triceps, Tuesday legs, Thursday back and biceps, and Friday is shoulders and abs. Since these types of programs are regularly featured in training magazines, articles, and blogs and often […]

5 Top Training Tips for Building Muscle

Today I’m mixing things up with a lighter post; less science (although all of these tips are definitely firmly rooted in the literature), straight to point, and no lengthy discussions. I’ve never had an easy time putting on muscle. My body has always been more geared towards a slender look, rather than the beefy looking […]

How to Box Squat

In my article titled ‘The Number One Squat Mistake‘ I talked about the importance of sitting back when squatting and highlighted several strategies that are effective for learning proper movement pattern in the back squat. One of the exercises I mentioned is the box squat, a very popular exercise among powerlifters which a lot of […]

The Number One Squat Mistake

Is the squat a safe and highly effective exercise for building the glutes/posterior chain? Of course it is, but not the way a lot of lifters perform it. After having teached hundreds of clients the basic technique in the compound strength exercises and regularly observed how gym goers perform the squat, I’ve discovered certain patterns […]

The Bench Press: Get Your Chest Up!

The bench press is probably the most popular strength exercise ever and has gained a reputation as one of the core tests of upper body strength. While this fundamental pec developer at first glance might seem like a simple exercise that doesn’t require a lot of coaching (how hard can it be to lie down […]

Why You Don’t Really Need a Post-Workout Protein Shake

Everyone who’s been lifting weights for some time have inevitably heard – and most likely bought into – a lot of the gym talk and magazine wisdom surrounding training and diet. Besides learning that eating every other hour and completely destroying each muscle group once a week is the optimal way to go for muscle […]

The Hip Hinge: A Key to Glute Development and Good Exercise Technique

One of the primary reasons people get injured during training, aren’t progressing in lower body exercises, and have trouble building the backside of the body (especially glutes) is that they haven’t mastered fundamental movement patterns such as the hip hinge! The hip hinge is arguably the most important movement pattern in strength training and basically […]

10 Keys to Optimal Strength Training

When looking back at the start of my lifting career about 9 years ago I find that the biggest obstacle was that I didn’t have a basic structure to build my training on. Without a set of principles to guide the way, it’s easy to get lost by changing program every couple of weeks, trying […]


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