Evolutionary Mismatches: 6 Videos That Explain Why We Get Sick

I talk a lot about evolutionary mismatches here on Darwinian-Medicine.com – and for good reason. Many, if not most, of the chronic ills that affect contemporary human populations are caused by a mismatch between genes and environment. By combining the evolutionary discordance/mismatch model with other key concepts of Darwinian Medicine (e.g., trade-offs), we get a […]

(R)evolutionary Medicine

Conventional medicine has helped us combat many infectious diseases and does a great job of treating acute, life-threatening illnesses and injuries. However, it fails miserable when it comes to preventing and properly treating diabetes, obesity, acne vulgaris, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, and many of the other non-infectious, chronic health disorders that plague us in […]

The Hadza – Last of the First

The Agricultural revolution approximately 10.000 years ago triggered profound changes in human living conditions – changes that have accelerated in pace and force over the last couple of centuries. Hunting and gathering, the common human mode of subsistence throughout the Paleolithic, has gradually been left behind, and today, there are few, if any, “pure” hunter-gatherer […]

A Selection of Videos That Can Take Your Knowledge About Evolution, Nutrition, and Health to a New Level

One of my goals with this site is to set the stage so that more people can get the kind of “revelations” that come when you start putting the puzzle of evolutionary medicine and ancestral health together. Perhaps you are interested in expanding your knowledge about evolution, nutrition, and health, but lack the eagerness or […]


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