10 Things Mainstream Medicine Gets Wrong

Most people significantly overestimate the capabilities, quality, and efficiency of our medical system. They wrongly assume that doctors possess deep knowledge of the underlying causes of most illnesses and that they will be provided with optimal health care if they ever get sick. Even if they do get sick and fail to get better, despite […]

The Main Problem With the Official Dietary Guidelines

In several developed nations, including Australia and the U.S., government-funded agencies design and issue dietary guidelines for the public. These guidelines differ somewhat from country to country; however, there’s a lot of overlap with respect to the general recommendations regarding macronutrient distribution and food selection. Not everyone obediently follows the guidelines (many don’t); however, we’re […]

The Makeup of Modern Society

My perspective on the world has changed a lot over the past decade. When I was younger, I, like most people, believed that the human-produced infrastructures and systems that make up our modern society are nicely designed and solidly built. I had a lot of faith in mainstream medicine, accepted the worldview that was presented […]

Medicine Without Evolution is Like Legs Without Feet

Not so long ago I put up an article here on the site entitled Darwin is at the Door Knocking. Will Mainstream Medicine Soon Let Him In?. One of the subheadings in that article is Medicine without evolution is like legs without feet. Shortly after that sentence had popped into my head and I’d written […]

The Big Black Shadow of Big Pharma

Big Pharma looms like a Dementor over our medical system. It effectively eliminates light and happiness and replaces it with darkness and despair. There’s no doubt in my mind that Big Pharma harms millions of people every year, many of whom become permanently ill and die prematurely as a result of their drug use. Despite […]

You’re Heading in the Wrong Direction Mr. Zuckerberg

Quite recently I put up an article here on the site entitled Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Mission to “Cure All Diseases” is Somewhat Misguided. In that post I made the case that the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the organization that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife founded together, is built on a flawed premise. Mark Zuckerberg […]

The 5 D’s of Modern Health Care

Over the past decade I’ve spent a significant amount of time reading medical research and thinking about medical-related health problems. One of the things this process has shown me is that our health care system is, by and large, a failure. By definition, the primary job of any health care system is to care for […]

Mainstream Medicine Overlooks the Two Major Causes of Chronic Illness

Scientific research carried out over the past couple of decades has shown that dysbiosis (microbial imbalance) and inflammation are at the root of numerous diseases and health problems, including acne vulgaris, colon cancer, chronic depression, and autoimmune conditions such as type-1 diabetes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). Dysbiosis and inflammation can develop secondary […]

Darwin is at the Door Knocking. Will Mainstream Medicine Soon Let Him In?

The vast majority of doctors, nutritionists and other health care professionals possess very little knowledge about evolutionary theory and Darwinian medicine. This is not surprising, considering that most educational institutions haven’t opened their doors to Darwin and his evolutionary baggage. In the 150+ years that have passed since Darwin published his masterpiece On the Origin […]

10 Things Trump Should Focus on Instead of Trying to Make Drugs Cheaper

I don’t pay much attention to politics. All the lies, empty promises, personal attacks, and bureaucracy makes me dizzy, and to be honest, it makes me seriously question human intelligence and intellect. If we were as smart as we think we are, we would surely have found a better way to organize our society, wouldn’t […]


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