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facebookDo you follow on Facebook? You should! The blog has always been my main focus – and continues to be so. However, I also try to update the Facebook page on a regular basis. Instead of making a new blog post every time I come across an interesting article or study I want to share, I put up a post on the FB page. I mostly post recent studies, videos, and articles that cover topics related to nutrition and health.

I greatly appreciate it if you invite people to like the page and share posts that you like, so that more people visit and its associated FB page.

Here’s a link to the page: Darwinian medicine on Facebook

Note: If you don’t have Facebook, then don’t worry; the blog is still my main focus. Moreover, I include links to many of the articles and studies I share on Facebook in my posts here on the blog.


  1. Sorry, Eirik, I can’t help you. I’m one of those rare birds that doesn’t have a Facebook account. There are still a few of us who aren’t interested in that sort of thing.

    • There’s a lot of “noise” on social media, Shary, I still wonder some days whether I would have been better off staying away from the whole thing. It has its upsides though. Being on social media makes it easier to keep up with friends. Also, it’s well-suited for sharing articles, videos, etc.

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