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facebookI’ve finally gotten around to updating the Facebook page so that it has the new name of the blog and all the correct information. If you haven’t done so already, head on over and like/follow the page. One of the reasons it has taken me some time to get this done is that my main focus has been – and continues to be – on writing, creating high-quality content for the blog, and making the website as good as possible. I know SEO, social media optimization, etc. are important for promoting and marketing a blog, but it’s not something I enjoy spending a lot of time on. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get my ideas out there or increase the readership of the blog. I definitely do.

I strongly believe that the single biggest problem in health, medicine, and fitness today is that most health practitioners, coaches/trainers, and people in general know little to nothing about ancestral health principles, “Paleo”, and Darwinian Medicine – and hence, don’t let the evolutionary template guide their decisions and understanding of health and disease. 

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, few, if any, people in contemporary industrialized societies are truly healthy. “Everyone” suffers from some type of health problem these days, whether it’s lower back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, food intolerance, eczema, acne vulgaris, gut dysbiosis, overweight, or any of the other conditions people complain about.

The scientific literature in this area conveys a clear message: Many of the chronic health disorders that plague us in the modern world aren’t simply a normal part of human life, but rather a manifestation of an evolutionary mismatch. It therefore goes without saying that applying evolutionary theory to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of these conditions is absolutely crucial.

Hopefully, being on social media can help increase the awareness surrounding these things and give more people the tools they need to improve their health.

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  1. Hi Eirik. I’m one of those “weirdos” that has no interest in Facebook or social media, so I hope you will continue with your email newsletters.

    Thanks for all your tips regarding fermented food. I’ve taken your advice and have been consuming kefir, kimchi, miso soup, etc., daily for the past week or so. I feel I’m gradually building up my tolerance and (hopefully) increasing the good bugs in the process.

    • Absolutely, Shary! I’m not really a social media kind of guy myself, so I can relate. As I mention above, my main focus has always been – and still is – on the website. You will continue to get Newsletters, and you can of course just drop by the site to stay updated.

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