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facebookI primarily started writing about nutrition, exercise, and health because I wanted to gather my ideas and discoveries. Although I’ve paid little attention to marketing my work, the blog has grown slow but steady. Because I want a place to post stuff that don’t really make for a whole post, I’ve decided to put up a fan page for on facebook! Since facebook has very poor organic reach for pages (meaning that few followers actually see updates in their news feed), I recommend that you click “Like” and then “Get notifications” so you’ll get an update every time I post something. You can also add the page to a interest list to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

I appreciate if you take the time to share the page on your facebook wall or invite some of your friends to like it! Thanks for the support!

Haven’t got facebook? Don’t despair, I’ll still post all my comprehensive articles on this site and keep my readers updated on the latest research in Around the Web.


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