How Being Overweight Can Make You Fatigued and Inactive

i hate exerciseIt’s well established that exercise is important in the prevention of obesity, type-2 diabetes, and other disorders characterized by metabolic disturbances. Also, since people who are overweight on average are less active than lean people, it’s often assumed that the relationship between physical activity levels and body mass index goes in one direction, in the sense that inactivity leads to weight gain. Lack of self-control and “mental weakness” are often considered the primary reasons people have trouble getting off the couch and into the gym, and the general belief is that folks with excess body fat are less active simply because they lack the willpower and discipline to start exercising. But what if it’s not that easy? Correlation doesn’t imply causation, and although a sedentary lifestyle obviously can contribute to metabolic deregulation and weight gain, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it also works the other way around; that weight gain can make you tired and sedentary.

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