Organic Fitness

organic-fitnessThe concept of Organic Fitness is based on the premise that the changes in human living conditions over the last several millenia have been too powerful and rapid for Darwinian evolution to keep up, leading to a situation where the human body – with its genome and microbiome – is inadequately adapted for many aspects of modern diets and lifestyles. This mismatch between biology and environment manifests itself as poor health, physical abnormalities, and diseases of civilization.

The environments of hunter-gatherers in the Paleolithic could be considered the Environments of Evolutionary Adaptedness for humans. This means that we can look at the phenotypic expression of people who live in environments that resemble those we evolved in as foragers to get an understanding of what can be classified as the norm for Homo sapiens sapiens. Studies consistently show that hunter-gatherers and traditional people minimally affected by modern lifestyle practises are lean, fit, and largely free from chronic degenerative diseases, a health condition that seems to be the natural state for our species.

All of this doesn’t mean that we stopped evolving with the Neolithic Revolution or that we should abandon all modern foods, lifestyle habits, and medical innovations; it simply means that we should always keep in mind that we are still – to a significant extent – adapted to life as hunter-gatherers in the wild.

The purpose of this site is to look at what evolution and modern science can tell us about healthy living, and explore how we can combine the best from both the ancestral and modern environment. In other words, find ways to align our lifestyle with our evolutionary legacy, while at the same time not having to give up many of the comforts we enjoy about modern life.

Definition of Organic Fitness

The term Organic Fitness can be used to describe a state or a regimen.

A state of Organic Fitness: A condition that results from following a diet and lifestyle that the human body is well adapted for. A state of Organic Fitness is synonymous with a normalization of phenotypic expression and a body that is lean, strong, and largely free from chronic mismatch diseases.

An Organic Fitness Regimen: A regimen that is used to achieve a state of Organic Fitness. Evolutionary medicine, modern science, and practical experience are the main ingredients responsible for shaping a regimen that is compatible with human genetics. An Organic Fitness Regimen consists of the following 7 key components:



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