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charles-darwinHi! Just a quick update to let people know that I’m making some changes to the site. has now been the main domain name for this blog for quite a while. The term Organic Fitness is used in the scientific literature to describe physical activity consistent with our hunter-gatherer heritage (1, 2), and this is definitely a concept I can get behind. On this site I’ve broadened this concept to also include diet, sun exposure, stress, microbial exposure, sleep, exposure to harmful substances, and all of the other elements of our lives that impact our health; after all, fitness isn’t just about physical activity. In many respects, I think Organic Fitness is a very good name. However, I also believe the name has its downsides, which is why I’ve been considering for some time now to make some changes.

While the word Organic does help highlight the “natural” approach to diet and lifestyle found on this site, it also carries some unfortunate baggage – largely as a result of it being used as a buzzword to sell everything from processed foods to cosmetic products containing “organic” ingredients. As for the term fitness, it can certainly be used in a very broad sense to include everything related to health, training, and medicine. However, a lot of people associate the word fitness with exercise and “dieting”, and most fitness blogs primarily contain information about exercise routines, workout tips, and diet programs aimed at getting you ready for the beach season. As those who’ve been following my work for some time have undoubtedly picked up on, this is not what this blog is really about.

While I certainly write about how to train correctly and eat for muscle growth, weight loss, etc., most of my writing on this site has been more directed towards achieving good health, treating complex health problems, taking care of the microbiome, and optimizing gene expression. The increasing focus on health & medicine, as opposed to “fitness”, is partly a reflection of my evolving interests. Although I still train regularly and will continue to write about exercise, my main interest these last several years has definitely been more directed towards treating chronic disease and achieving good health than optimizing muscle growth, lifting as heavy as possible, etc.

So, to better reflect what this site is all about, I’ve chosen to change the name to Darwinian Medicine. (The domain name can still be used to access the site, and old links will still be working).

For those who haven’t followed my writing or heard about evolutionary/Darwinian medicine, here’s a quick introduction

I want to thank everyone who’s been reading, following, commenting on, and sharing my articles so far. I hope you will stay with me for this next chapter.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Cool deal. Thanks, Eirik!

    • Glad to hear from you Jennifer!

      As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been posting a lot lately (partly because I’ve been busy with a big paper I just finished writing) so good to see that some of my regular readers are still out there!

      How’s your training going these days?

      • Jennifer says:

        Your absense has been noticed and you have been missed! I was just thinking about checking in with you on your FB page to see what I’ve missed πŸ™‚ I hope your paper is going well! Maybe when it’s finished you’ll share it (pretty please?!). I’m also curious about your training how/what you’ve been doing assuming you’ve still had some training time.

        All is well with me; after being stuck in a rut plateau for a while I’m finally getting stronger and more defined. I needed to switch gears for a couple weeks (rotate the variations).

        I’m still trying to perfect my diet… aren’t we all?! I want to keep up the protein yet I’ve cut back on dairy, added more leafy greens, and added some raw easily-digestible veggies. I also started juicing some veggies but am careful not to spike my insulin level; I figure adding the juice to kefir milk works for that, or I can drink it after a meal. I think the extra enzymes and nutrients have to be beneficial.

        Thank you for asking!

        • Yes, I’m thinking about sharing the paper here on the blog. A modified version atleast, because I think it might be a bit too much scientific lingo for the average reader.

          I’ve mostly been doing sprints, a lot of walking, and some strength training lately. Not as much strength training as I’d prefer though.

          Haha, I can definitely relate to what your saying about aiming for diet perfection. I’ve just added back in some milk kefir (It’s too damn cold here during the winter to ferment anything), so I’m playing around with various ways of using it. Found this site a couple of days ago, so more than enough options to choose from.

          • Jennifer says:

            Great! I’ll look forward to the modified version. I try to grasp all the scientific aspects but ultimately they do just get too complicated for my brain to follow!

            No doubt your muscles won’t forget your training since you’re at least still using them and eating properly πŸ™‚

            Looks like a great kefir site — looking forward to reading it!

  2. Glad to see you are posting again! Love reading your blogs

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