Pete Evans Joins Forces With Darwinian Medicine

pete-evansQuite recently I put up an article here on the site in which I voiced my support for the work the Australian chef, TV personality, and health/nutrition aficionado Pete Evans is doing. A lot of criticism has been thrown Pete’s way lately, much of it originating from the Dietitians Association of Australia (ADA), journalists, and the medical establishment. In my article, I made the case that much, if not all, of that criticism is unfounded, and that the health and nutrition advice “the establishment” conveys to the public is a lot more dangerous than the advice Pete Evans shares with his followers.

Some time after I’d put up my article about Pete, I got to thinking that my writing could be a good fit for his site and followers. I’ve been dropping by his Facebook page every now and then ever since I first came across his name, and I’ve noticed that his health/nutrition philosophy is very similar to mine. We don’t agree on everything (which is completely fine); however, I do feel we share a common set of core beliefs about diet and health. There aren’t a lot of people who I’m more in agreement with on health/nutrition-related matters, and that’s saying something, seeing as I’ve been exposed to a lot of information about health and fitness over the years.

Just like Pete, I’m a proponent of Paleo-style diets and intermittent fasting. Also, like him, I think many of the chemicals that we modern humans are exposed to via the water we drink, the cosmetics and sunscreens we put on our skin, and the processed food products we eat damage our bodies and health. I think we would all be wise to take a step back and ask ourselves whether all of the creams, lotions, food additives, and detergents we are exposed to on a daily basis may be doing us more harm than good. I’m not advocating that we should return to Stone Age conditions; however, I do think we would be wise to think twice before we cover our bodies with chemicals that the human body has little or no evolutionary experience with dealing with.

Besides the fact that I like Pete’s health/nutrition philosophy, I’ve also gotten the impression that he’s a great guy. This is another reason why I entertained the thought of collaborating with him. Long story short, I talked to Pete, and we agreed that I will be writing science-based articles about nutrition and health for his website. Over the years, I’ve written for many different websites and magazines, including Paleo Magazine,,, and I’m happy to add to that list and join forces with Pete.

The science of Paleo

Among all of the critical comments that journalists and the medical/nutritional establishment throw Pete Evans’ way, the one that is most frequently discharged is probably the one that says that the advice Pete Evans shares with his followers lacks scientific support. As you undoubtedly know if you’re a regular reader of this site, that’s simply not correct. I obviously don’t have a good overview of everything Pete has ever said; however, I do know that the general statements he makes about diet and health have solid scientific support.

In the articles I plan to write for Pete, I’ll dissect the evolutionary health model and look into the science that lay the groundwork for the creation of each of its components. I don’t claim to know everything about evolutionary science or ancestral health; however, I do feel I have a fairly good overview of the science supporting the basic tenets of the evolutionary health movement. Pete Evans has already shared many studies and scientific articles with his followers; however, he has yet to publish comprehensive, science-based articles on his own site. That’s where I come in.

The plan is that I’ll write science-based articles about Paleolithic nutrition, hunter-gatherers, the human microbiome, epigenetics, and other similar topics for his site Exactly how many articles I’ll be writing remains to be seen. Maybe it’ll be just a couple, or perhaps it will turn into a lot more. Time will tell.

I plan to put up links to the articles here and on’s Facebook page, so that you – the followers of this site – get notified when they get published.

I hope you like the articles!

Note: I don’t claim to speak for everyone who’s involved in the field of Darwinian medicine. I chose the title of the article because I thought it was fitting and because the name of this blog is “Darwinian Medicine”. Pete Evans is only collaborating with me, not the field of Darwinian medicine as a whole.


  1. Pete Evans is awesome! Great colab! Look forward to it!

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