Protein: The Most Important Macronutrient For Weight Loss?

proteinThe obesity epidemic has quickly become one of the greatest health crises humans have ever faced, and billions of dollars are spent each year on research, supplements, and pharmaceuticals aimed at preventing and treating metabolic disorders. About two-thirds of the american population are now overweight or obese, and other affluent nations are not far behind. A lot of the focus has been on carbohydrate and fat as dietary causes of obesity, and rightly so, there are few health practitioners who don’t agree that an obesogenic environment with unlimited access to highly processed food is the primary driver behind the obesity epidemic. Low carb dieters and official health authorities heatedly argue whether we should get the majority of energy from fat or carbohydrate, and protein intake, which only constitutes about 15% of the typical western diet and has stayed largely constant throughout the development of the obesity epidemic, is sometimes forgotten.

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  1. what an amazing article and effective content , thank you very much

  2. Right on the money!!! (with support from some real studies).

  3. How can it be a Micronutrient? So many eat tons of protein.

  4. Sorry I posted wrong… Macro instead ! But too much protein contributes to osteoporosis.

    • Eirik Garnas says:

      Hey Cheryl! I’m not aware of any studies which conclusively show that a high protein intake contributes to osteoporosis. Please provide sources.

  5. Please read the book “The Blue Zones”, then please common the protein intake! I am always interested in who pays for the research.

  6. Eirik, excellent article! Shed some new light on how(and why) effective protein is for fat loss. Well done, sir!

  7. It is true, we have bundles of highly processed foods and all sorts of supplements. Weight reducing pills have been the main production of pharmaceutical companies these days. I think that is the problem. I know someone who has always been struggling with her weight. She is into this pill that claims to burn all the carbs you eat and she is hooked to it. She says she feels good but her body is telling me the opposite. I think the pill helps those who have metabolism problems but it gives the wrong information to people with weight problems. People will be akin to take pills like this because it gives them the idea that it’s okay to eat anything and eat more which is so wrong.

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