The Best Book on Health & Medicine I Have Ever Read

the-story-of-the-human-bodyDo you want to take your knowledge about the human body, diet, health, and evolution to a new level? Then you should check out this excellent book by Daniel E. Lieberman, Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. I have read a lot of books on nutrition and health over the years, but none as good as this one. I actually just finished reading it for the second time as I wanted to increase my chances of soaking up as much of the information as possible. Those who’ve been reading this blog for some time will undoubtedly recognize many of the ideas and concepts, as the statements in the book are well aligned with my perspective on health & fitness. However, he also opened me up to many new ideas and thoughts, some of which are hard to come by elsewhere.

Despite the awesomeness of the book, I think it has a couple of downsides. Most importantly, I think it desperately needs a segment on the epigenome, as well as more info on the human microbiome. Also, he talks a lot about natural selection, but little about other mechanisms of evolutionary change. Lastly, I think he sometimes underestimates the prevalence of mismatch disorders among people in westernized nations, partly because gene expression and microbes aren’t given enough attention.

Regardless, the book is a masterpiece for everyone interested in the human body, evolution, nutrition, and/or health. A quick warning though, I think you really have to be interested in these things to enjoy the book, because although it’s written in such a way that even those with no background knowledge will be able to keep up, it goes in-depth on some topics that the average guy probably doesn’t find that interesting. If you have found my writing compelling, this book might be just for you, as it covers many related topics.

We live in a world where so many people just go with the flow, blindly follow conventional wisdom, and don’t question things, so it always warms my heart when I come across open-minded people who really know their stuff.



  1. will check it out. Thanks

  2. Eirik, I have that on my favorites list to download, but if you like that one I recommend Missing Microbes by Martin J. Blaser which gives an amazing rundown of our microbiome and modern day epidemics of obesity, allergies, and inflammatory diseases (although more from the perspective of antibiotic overuse and the detrimental effects on gut diversity). The science is compelling to say the least.

  3. Great! I’ll add both of those to my list. Thank you!

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