The Foundation for Good Health: Species-Appropriate Diet + Species-Appropriate Microbiome

stack-stone(This is probably one of the most important articles I’ve ever written. I highly recommend that you give it a read!)

Your health is shaped by the interaction that takes place between the food you eat, the microbes that colonize your body, and the genes inside your human cells. Of these things, food and microbes are the ones you have the most control over. You can’t physically change the structure of your own genome, at least not without meddling with things you probably should leave alone; however, you can change your diet and microbiome, and thereby alter how your genes express themselves.

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  1. […] I believe one of the first and most important steps we can take to bring about this change is to cool down the body of the modern man, bringing down the levels of inflammatory compounds in his bloodstream, and manipulate his microbiome in such a way that it reaches a state that matches better with his genetic make-up. […]

  2. […] or your stools don’t look healthy, you’re probably much better off taking steps to fix your diet and microbiota, as opposed to stuffing yourself with more whole […]


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