The Main Problem With the Official Dietary Guidelines

official-dietary-guidelines-plateIn several developed nations, including Australia and the U.S., government-funded agencies design and issue dietary guidelines for the public. These guidelines differ somewhat from country to country; however, there’s a lot of overlap with respect to the general recommendations regarding macronutrient distribution and food selection. Not everyone obediently follows the guidelines (many don’t); however, we’re all to some extent affected by them, as they greatly contribute to shaping public beliefs and opinions about diet and health, thereby sculpting the nutritional landscape in which we find ourselves.

This begs the question: Are the official dietary guidelines as good as our governments tell us they are…?

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  1. Hi Eirik. The problem with our food pyramid here in the US (and elsewhere) is the massive amount of grain products it encourages us to eat. As a society, this wrong-headed advice has been making us fat and sick.

    About 5 years ago I switched to a Paleo way of eating. As part of that switch I went gluten-free and, in fact, totally grain-free since I never really liked grains other than wheat to begin with. My weight, which was creeping upward, normalized with this dietary change, and my body feels so much better in a variety of ways. Over a period of time I lost the belly bloat that was becoming a problem, as well as some GI tract and musculoskeletal issues that had cropped up. Even though I was never a big eater of grain products, the few things I did eat were making me unwell.

    I still eat potatoes now and then, as well as plenty of other root vegetables, and I occasionally eat legumes. I still use good-quality butter but usually avoid other dairy products. Therefore, I suppose I’m not strictly Paleo. But just getting rid of the grains and sweets seems to have worked wonders for me. I’m not a fan of running to the doctor to get everything checked regularly, but my blood work numbers were all in the normal range the last time I did. The important thing is, I feel really good on a Paleo-type diet.

    My advice to anyone wanting to look and feel better would be about the same as yours, which is to say: Skip the grain products and the sugar. Harder than it sounds for some people since both can be addictive, but very beneficial in the long run and maybe the best thing any of us can ever do for our health.

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