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reading-on-tabletHi! As you probably know, my name is Eirik, and I’m the blogger here at Organic Fitness. I’ve written a lot about me and my background on this site. Now I’d like to hear more about you. Perhaps you recently stumbled upon OrganicFitness.com after scovering the internet for information on health & fitness, or maybe you found this site through one of my many guest posts, or perhaps you have been a reader for many years. Regardless, I would really like to hear from you!

Just drop a quick comment below to say hi, and if you like, answer one or more of the questions below…

  • Where are you from?
  • What have you learned/gained from this blog?
  • Where did you first come across this site?
  • What are your health & fitness goals?
  • What did you first think of when you heard the term “Organic Fitness”?
  • … or anything else you’d like to share

– Eirik


  1. It’s me, Eirik, I read everything you post but don’t always make a comment, especially if I don’t have anything intelligent to say:P I live in Hollywood CA; I’ve studied nutrition and general health for 30 years, it’s a hobby of mine.

    I love your site because you take all the dry, tangled and misinformation out there and drive an “organic” cohesive path through them that’s not only easy, but safe to follow.

    Your resources are impeccable and your write with amazing grace and style. (NPI)

  2. Hi Eirik
    i m from italy and i follow you from few months,i found your blog reading others bloggers as bret contreras. I think your are doing a good job, your articles are very interesting and actualy…lots of references too

  3. Hello Eirik,
    It is me Randy. I am from Flagstaff, Arizona (think Grand Canyon). I found you from a link off of Bret Contrera’s website on Glutes. I have been following you ever since. I think our training ideas and fitness/lifestyle philosophies are very similar. I train as a life long hobby/interest at this point. I have no plans of doing any training stuff for a living. I check your blog regularly and am not on facebook. I do read the articles for information and ideas in both diet/nutrition and training. I appreciate that your information is research based and not following the current trend that many bloggers in fitness/nutrition do. I had contacted you in July about prebiotics and digestive tract health as I had been experiencing some illness. As part of my testing I was confirmed to be gluten-intolerant. That has been an interesting change in a pasta and bread household. I am feeling healthier, NOT FROM BEING GLUTEN-FREE, but from getting over whatever illness I had. I never got a definitive diagnosis of illness.

    • Hey Randy!

      if you haven’t already, give Paleo+traditionally fermented foods (i.e., sauerkraut, kimchi)+soil-based probiotics a try for 30 days!

      Also, I don’t know if I mentioned in our e-mail exchanges, but coolinginflammation.blogspot.com is a site you should definitely check out for lots of great info on gut health and inflmmation.

  4. Hei Eirik
    Jeg er fra Oslo og følger hovedsaklig bloggen din og plukker opp ting fra den med jevne mellom rom. (Hjerner og fallskjermer virker bare når de er åpne)
    Ble klar over bloggen på FB
    Assosierte blogg- navnet med Rawfood og fitness.
    Stå på videre Eirik du er grundig og flink.
    Terje Gudmundsen

  5. Taylor Randoll says:

    Hello! My name is Taylor and I’m from Missouri USA. When I first started my fitness journey I knew nothing. I started working at a health food store shortly after an wondered if there were any athletes who ate organic diets similar to what I was trying to follow. I literally google searches Organic Fitness to see what I could find and your blog came up! I was instantly hooked. I love all the work about the microbiome and paleo diets in particular because of my struggle with Crohn’s disease.

    • Hey Taylor!

      Thanks for posting.

      Several companies are now in the process of developing drugs (mostly advanced probiotics) that target the gut microbiome. Some are designed specifically for patients with IBD. Hopefully they will be available soon.

      Also, I’m sure you’re aware that some people have been able to “cure” crohn’s with FMT’s (fecal microbiota transplantations).

      I’m sorry you have to deal with such a debilitating condition. Hope my articles can give you some help in dealing with your disease 🙂

  6. Shane McLean, from Dallas, Texas. Being a personal trainer i try to keep up with what all the smart people are doing. Like a lot of other people i came across you on Bret’s site and was hooked.

    You’ve opened my eyes to the gut microbiome and that you just about back up everything you say with evidence. Which is refreshing in a land of opinions. I learn every time i read something from you.

    Look forward to your book 🙂

  7. Hi Eirik,
    I’m a SAHM back at uni to change careers after having kids. I came across you on Fitocracy & am from Australia. I look for science based info to help me reach my fitness & weight goals.
    Best wishes with your studies

  8. I enjoy reading your articles. Your evolutionary approach to exercise is something that resonates with me. Keep up the great work. I stumbled upon your blog somehow and subscribed soon after.

    • Hi Bonnie!

      Glad you enjoy the evolutionary approach. Sadly, very little discussion about evolution in University courses related to nutrition, exercise, and health. So those of us who are proponents of evolutionary health promotion to a large extent have to find like-minded people online.

  9. Hi Eriik, My name is Andy and I am in Christchurch New Zealand. I think I found your blog through Bret Contreras. My wife is a fan of Dr Libby Weaver who is Australian and promotes a whole food diet so we are both interested in your postings. We both run and do some gym work too. Thanks for your work. Cheers.

  10. Hi Eirik,
    I’m a regular reader and have found your fitness blog to be one of the most interesting ones I’ve come across. Probably THE most. I like reading about how our ancestors used to eat, how they got a good ‘workout’ in and the such.
    I’m from Malaysia (maybe your first reader from there? haha!) and what I’ve learnt a lot about this blog is the way that fitness is as simple as a person makes it out to be. I do enjoy reading the nutrition part as well! Found one of your articles from the PTDC site and since then subscribed. When I first head the term i thought it was more about organic food to be honest. Haha.
    Anyway, just dropping a message as you’ve requested and just to say keep up the blog posts, keep up the good work, and i’ll definitely keep coming back to read! Cheers!

  11. Hi Eirik:

    From Calgary Alta. Read your email regularly. I enjoy the well rounded blog i.e. fitness and nutrition. I cant remember how I came across this have been following for several years now. For me mostly as i do invest in my microbiome with fermented foods, raw and whole foods. Your writings dove tail nicely with how I think.

  12. Jorge Fernandes says:

    Hi Eirik. I’m a regular reader of your blog. I’m a volleyball coach from Portugal. I think I found your blog through Bret Contreras. I became interested in the relationship between training and nutrition. What i most like in your blog it is the scientific rigor of the articles.

  13. Hi Eirik,
    I’m a regular reader of your blogs, came across your site via Bret Contreras. I still consider myself a ‘newbie’ when it comes to working out & am still working on nailing down my diet (can’t seem to shake the sugar addiction thing completely). I do believe that good nutrition, regular exercise & sleep patterns keeps us healthy & fit. I enjoy your articles & have learned so much,thank you! I find it hard sometimes to sift through the ‘junk’ versus what’s worthwhile & your blogs are a gem. Saying hi from Ontario, Canada.

  14. Hi Eirik,
    I’m Sri form India, Google led me to your blog when I was researching on the Gut Microbia months ago, since then, I’ve been an avid reader of your articles here and elsewhere. You are one of the very few sane voices in this chaos fitness and nutrition
    information overload. Thank you very much and keep up the good work

  15. Hi
    I’m fromPolad and I live in Switzerland . Truelly is nothing new for me in your blog ( nowadays information is so easy to reach ) but I like to read it because you write everything so nice and clear without fanatism and I have many things in one place and the information about training and diet . I come across from Bret Contreras blog. Organic for me is always something natural like it was before modern civilization, so I think it goes well with themes you want to share with others

  16. Hi Eirik!
    Thank you for the opportunity to subscribe to your emails.

    My name is Jennifer and I’m (basically) from the USA in Saint Louis, Missouri; I moved around a lot growing up but St. Louis is where I’ve lived the longest (over 20 years now) and have made a life for myself as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, however I’m a full-timer at a publishing company that publishes drug information to the health care industry. Fitness is a hobby and not a means of income (sad but true). Also, I don’t worry about weight loss — just being healthy and strong are my overall goal.

    What I’ve learned from you has been invaluable; nutrition and form pointers, not to mention history lessons 🙂

    I’ve been following you ever since one of your blogs on Bret Contreras’ site, and I heard about Bret through Cathe Friedrich — a fitness hall-of-famer who is my overall favorite fitness instructor. She is a gym owner in Glassboro, New Jersey but she also caters to the home exerciser (I love my home gym). My main interest in Bret started because of the glutes but I’ve enjoyed all his articles, not just the ones pertaining to glutes. I also like T-Nation (fyi).

    The name Organic Fitness caught my attention right from the start because of what Organic means to me… natural and good for the body; and I love all things fitness and nutrition. I was surprised at the depth of your articles so I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Since learning so much from you I’ve passed it along but even more importantly to me I’ve learned a lot about what really is good for the body, mind, and soul.

    Thank you for all your work and effort. Happy Holidays!

    • Hey Jennifer!

      In-depth and awesome comment, thanks.

      Not easy to make a living in fitness, sadly.

      Hope you’re doing well with your glute training. I spent several years training women (and some men) who were interested in building glutes so if you’re encountering any obstacles don’t hesitate to shoot me a comment/e-mail/technique video.

  17. Greetings from Nigeria. Love the detailed yet clear articles.

  18. Hi, Eirik.
    I found out about you through the Bret Contreras site. Both you and Brett have made fitness and nutrition so interesting and clear to me.
    I am middle-aged, from San Francisco, and feel healthier and smarter about health, all thanks to your blogs. I was a product of the ’80s low fat, starve yourself phase, which never worked for me or my friends.
    I appreciate how much research you do before commenting on any topic.
    Thanks so much for your hard work.!

  19. Hi, My name is Kürşat. I am from İzmir,Turkey. I come across your site via B.Contreras too. I am 39 years old and have been training regularly for 2 years. But, nowadays I have mostly been focused some compound lifts (Zercher squat, BP, DL and hip thrust). My 1RM DL and BP are 134/100kg (75 kg bodyweight) respectively. I learned from you that being some dirty is nice 😉 Thank you for your sophisticated articles.

  20. Hi there, I’m Elaine from Houston in the US. I found your blog through your Bret Contreras guest posts and really enjoyed how you present a clear and succinct vision of your approach without sacrificing research credentials and some nuance. You have a great mixture of scientific backing with approachability (i.e., you go into the science but it’s always easy to tell what your “bottom line” is).

    The major thing I’ve learned from this blog is a much bigger awareness of the microbiome; it seems to be getting more popular but your blog has the most comprehensive information I’ve seen. I’ve incorporated way more fermented foods since reading this! My first thought on hearing “Organic Fitness” was that this would be an ancestral health blog solely focused on exercise.

    Hope that helps! Least I can do after benefiting from all your hard work here! 🙂

    • Hi Elaine!

      Thanks for posting.

      As you say, the microbiome has become a huge topic the last couple of years. When I started getting interested in the human microbiome 6-7 years ago, few health & fitness blogs even had any mention of bacteria and human health, but that has definitely changed.

  21. Hi, Eirik! I’m Amy & I’m from Fairbanks, Alaska. This is my first trip to your blog; I just binged and read several of your articles on Bret Contreras’s website. I’m delighted to stumble across your work. I’ve been lifting for almost two years and have followed a paleo diet for over a year. Now I’m interested in getting a bit more serious with my macronutrients and nailing down my ratios to track (and foremost see!) some changes. There’s not much out there yet about paleo and counting macros–some suggestions, of course–so for now I’m just toying with the ratios and figuring out what feels best. Experimenting is all part of the fun! 🙂

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